Mistakes Law Firm Logo Designers Must Avoid

All the logo designers understand and even value the significance of a professional law firm logo, small or large. It represents the firm; it tells its story and symbolizes its brand to the whole world. Viewed by existing and potential clients daily, it can jeopardize, even wreck the success of firm if designed poorly.

Regardless of how great your services are, if the logo sucks, you are going to face a hard time in attracting clients. This is the main reason companies are investing a lot of time, money and efforts today in hiring the best logo designers to try and design the best logo that they possibly can.

Here is a list of top mistakes that logo designers must avoid.

1:  Plagiarizing, Copying, or Stealing Somebody Else Logo

Trademark and copyright infringement is common on the web, not only for design, but everything right from media to intellectual property and ideas. Any professional and serious designer will know that it is totally unacceptable to knowingly steal or copy somebody else’s work.

Just crossing your fingers, hoping to go away with it simply is not the most excellent strategy. Place yourself in the client’s position, who has paid you just to design a new logo and if it turns to be infringing or stolen on another law firm logo, not just will there be some potential legal ramification, but they will have to spend money and time to fix the trouble which should never have turn up in first place.

2:  Having an Overly-Complex or Vague Design

You have just begun an exhilarating project and you’re working to tight deadline. You’ve so many ideas that they are just bursting out of sketchpads and on the floor. Your deadline is coming up and you finally end up combining many strong approaches in one.

Now the problem is that the final logo that you propose to your client is a complex design, sending different messages and lacking clarity ultimately. If the firm’s logo is not clear, how will any outside party, a prospective client for instance, gain an understanding of message being portrayed? So, the key is to keep the things simple rather than complicating it.

3:  Poor Colors Choices

 Another popular mistake lots of designers appear to make is while making colors choices. Certainly, logos can be extremely vibrant and colorful as it is one method to catch the eyes and form a great, memorable image, but every color doesn’t goes with one another.

A secondary point here with regards to bad colors combinations lies in ‘meaning’ of color psychology in logo. It seems like a clear point to make, however think of what the color means from conceptual background prior to assigning to messages you’re trying to portray.

4:  Designing Logo Which Isn’t Appropriate for Every Medium

After making what they believe is an ideal logo, lots of logo designers finalize the work with client, without even double checking on whether it’ll work in all available mediums or not. Most logos will rarely emerge in one format solely, rather a large variety.

This goes to the ideas of ensuring that you begin in just black in white, ensuring that logo design works best in the simplest forms and is also adaptable for various mediums formats.

How to Market Law Firms on Yelp?

The law firms, mainly fledgling or small operations, can get a large amount of business mainly from local customers. After all, most of the clients are more eager to consult a law firm of good reputation that is accessible easily within their neighborhood than take an option on an unknown law firm outside of the local community.

That’s the reason why Yelp, perhaps the top business reviews site, can be a very powerful tool for the law firms trying to reach out their pool of potential, local clients. To understand how powerful, just consider this statistic: a study showed that over 70% of clients consider Yelp reviews as credible and trustworthy as the ones given by friends. Thus, Yelp makes a great platform for legal firm marketing.

Therefore, legal firms that aren’t active on Yelp tend to be missing a great opportunity to get new clients, showcase solid customer services, and build their name within local markets. Keep reading to find how to market law firms on Yelp!

Check out to see whether the law firm has existing page
Anybody can create a page on Yelp for your business, therefore your law firm might have a current profile and not know it even! Go to the website of Yelp and just type your law firm’s name as well as location in the search field. If your firm’s page exists already, click on “Work Here? Unlock The Business Page” link into the business info section and follow the prompt. If your law firm doesn’t have Yelp page, then create your Yelp business account.

Don’t leave any stone unturned.
After you’ve either unlocked or created your law firm Yelp page, complete the whole profile. Ensure to fill in every category correctly, mainly essential pieces like business name, contact information, category and link to your law firm’s website. Photographs can also strengthen Yelp page, so reflect on quality photos of your team members and your office (offering photos of office’s facade also can help Yelp users locate the office that they choose to stop by).

Accrue reviews and reply, reply, reply
Knowing how to do legal firm marketing on Yelp means being familiar with how to use client reviews. The positive reviews obviously strengthen your law firm’s name, but even the negative reviews could be advantageous when responded to suitably Take benefit of “Add owner’s comment” button available at the right, bottom corner of all the posted comments to reply to dissatisfied customers, and remember that all the responses must follow these guidelines:

  • Make use of respectful language always. It may be hard to read any negative review and to not reply in kind, mainly when you think that the comments are baseless, but responding with rude language only compounds bad situation and strengthens the commenter’s criticisms.
    • Acknowledge poster’s frustrations. Oftentimes, the critics merely wish to vent.
    • Make a strategy so as to fix the issue and elucidate how you can avoid the problem from happening in the future.

Tips for the Best Law Firm Logo

Every company has a unique identity and a name. The name and identity of your company makes it different from other companies. The unique name of your company makes it easy for your potential clients to recognize it. There are many electronic companies established and selling it products to customers. The nature of work of these companies is same but it is the name and logo which makes them different from each other. There are many people who own a firm in this modern world. The firms have different purpose and mission. A firm provides job to thousands of people. The main motive of a firm is to earn profit and provide quality services to its clients. The most important thing for any firm is its logo. Your firm must have a unique logo which makes it different from other organizations. The logo of your firm displays a unique identity of your organization. People who plan to start a firm need to create a attractive logo of a firm. The logo must be printed on the visiting card of your firm. Law firm logos distinct your firms from other companies. The logo must be good enough to create a good impression on your clients.

There are few things which you must keep in your mind before creating the logo of your firm. You need to look at your competitors. You must look at the logo of your competitors and try to make your logo more attractive than it. You need to design the theme of the firm logo. Law firm logos theme played an important role in making your logo creative. You must know the importance of the logo for your making potential clients. A person who plans to invest or avail services from your firm will surely observe everything closely. The logo of your firm can play an important role in convincing that specific person to invest or avail services from your firm.

You must make such theme of the firm logo which represents the nature of your firm. The selection of fonts for making law firm logos is very important. You must select such fonts which best suits the theme of the logo. The font must be clear so a person could easily read the material written on it. There are some logos on which the name of a firm cannot be read because of poor selection of fonts and colors. There are many other important factors which must be considered before designing law firm logos.

Law firm logos have great importance in this modern world. There are some companies which sells the logos to other companies for thousands or millions of dollar. The reason of selling the logo can be anything like the firm is changing its name and nature of work or etc. There are many firms which have purchased the logos of firms which do not exist now with the same name and identity. You must pay close attention towards the making of your firm logo.

Personal Injury Lawyer Marketing Effective tools

Personal Injury Lawyer Marketing is strategy-based marketing to promote your services, get bigger profits by offering what you have to the most potential clients. It is important that you pay attention to not just building a great strategy but also to the advantages the various media still has, not ignoring either of them to build a great audience and reach out to the maximum people to exploit your potential and hence carve that mark for yourself. A careful consideration to specialize your marketing strategy involving the following media of advertising can be a great asset for your business:

  • Print Media: Advertising in print is the oldest and the most effective way to market anything – just anything. And the best part is that it still works! No matter how far and quick the internet reaches, the joy of reading a magazine at leisure is unbeatable and so is the advantage of grabbing the daily stories published in newspapers over your morning coffee. Billboards and brochures are another way to reach a targeted audience and will increase the frequency at which people notice you. For your personal injury lawyer marketing success, this is one tool of high importance, which if ignored, may not get you the success you deserve.
  • Radio: Announcing your services on the radio to listeners who are prospective clients may not sound too good since you may have the notion that it is obsolete. But, it does work! With the advent of internet radio that the youth love, you could potentially tap a good market for your services, particularly the youth that is more prone to personal injury due to motorbike accidents and consumption of food supplements and the like.
  • Online Advertising: Advertising online is as relevant as personal injury lawyer marketing. They are as good as being synonymous. The internet is an indispensable part of every one’s life and being found over there is the easiest and most effective way to reach your audience. You have many relevant web pages out there that would love to post your advertisements. Advertising on the top most search engines like Google is often the best way to get a longer list of clients. You may also like to advertise on regular blogs and websites that are relevant to your area of practice like medical blogs, automobile blogs and the like.
  • Yellow Pages or Just Dial: Though lesser used, these advertising media can be very useful if you wish to target certain geographical areas that are more prone to personal injury, as every potential client might not be the one to look out for an attorney who is far to reach.
  • Television: An effective advertisement telecasted during the news slot or on a sports channel can be a good idea. Invest a little amount of money in playing the advertisement strategically a few times or at certain occasions. It will reap great benefits. However, it is to be noted that you can get a steady clientele through advertising on television only in the long run.

Take Your Law Firm Website to Next Level using Content Marketing!

Looking for a refresh or makeover for your own law firm’s site? If you’ve not got an update done in the past few years, then your website might be in need of much more than just a refresh. Content marketing has now emerged as an extremely successful strategy for marketing businesses online. If you haven’t implemented any content marketing strategy yet, you’re giving up competitive edge in marketplace for your law firm.

Don’t Only Refresh Your Law Firm Website

When the law firms first began putting their websites, they were mostly glossy three panels’ brochures in the cyberspace. Websites included basic information about law firm which included contact info, directions, the address, lawyer bios and explanation of services offered. People used to find websites while using a search engine or by having the website address from any print advertisement.

Transform Your Website in a Customer Magnet

At present, things are different. A good content marketing strategy can turn websites into more than easy sources of information. The best law firm websites are intended to draw new visitors using Google, Bing, and Yahoo to solve their legal problems. Therefore, sites need to offer more than basic services and contact information. Your website should convince your visitors that your law firm is the best option to solve their issues. How will your site do this?

Advantages of Content Marketing

Using content marketing strategies can take your website quickly to the next, higher level. Your law firm stands to advantage from these content marketing strategies. As a result, you’ll:

  • Attract new customers.The people, who will find your law firm on the web, connects with you on different social media networks and read your blogs, are much more than being just viewers. They are the relationships that you will be building with prospective customers. Content marketing can really make your site become the best source of information for new clients.
  • Create word-of-mouth marketing buzz.Social media networks are the new type of word-of-mouth marketing platforms. Your customers will be capable to market your law firm by sharing contents on all their social media network accounts. It is simple for your current clients to offer social evidence that your law firm can solve all problems.
  • Communicate with your prospects and educate them without high-pressure sales field.Content marketing positions your law firm as a reliable adviser. Your prospective clients will seek you to solve their legal problems. You will not need to place the full court presses on prospective customers any longer.


Don’t only freshen up your law firm website. Transform the site with content marketing. In this way, you will be capable to attract new customers and gain a competitive edge over your rivals.

Also, a part of making a content marketing plan is having the correct social media networks to push it. So, you should have your law firm accounts on all the major social media networking channels and take your law firm website to new heights.